Motorola Q
by: Brian Clarke

August 13, 2005

Motorola QThe rumors and pictures on turned out to be a reality. The Motorola Q will be available in January 2006, presumably from Cingular. The Motorola Q was dubbed the RAZR Berry before its official name was announced. The name comes from its RAZR looks (electroluminescent keys and thin form factor) and its Black Berry functionality (QWERTY keyboard).

The Q will feature a 1.3 Mega pixel camera and a mini SD slot. It runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. This software is basically a scaled down version of PocketPC that is specialized for phone functions.

Motorola is targeting the business market with this device. They are promoting its mobile email features extensively. This puts them in direct competition with the current leader in that area of the market, RIM and their Black Berry.

Despite Motorola’s target market, this device could have broader appeal than just business customers because of its sharp looks. Now, this all depends on what the final price of this device will be.

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